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50x50 VeniceGreenDream VGD 2012

Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012 Biennale 2012

Porto Marghera

29 august - 25 november

La Biennale di Venezia 2012

Condotte Immobiliare

Edited by:
Andreas O. Kipar

Condotte Immobiliare is pleased to present the Collateral Event of the 13th International Architecture Exhibition curated by Andreas Kipar, president of Green City Italia.
From August 29th it will take form on the Vega2 area the project created by this well-known German architect and landscape designer: a greenfield prelude to a larger consideration about the future of Venice industrial area and its waterfront redevelopment.

“50x50 Venice Green Dream 2012 is the installation of a greenfield.
A sort of common field that represents at the same time a system of architectural order and a process of cultivation of nature ”.

For coping with the urban and territorial transformations with a socio-economic and environmental approach, a change in the paradigm is required.
The economic crisis puts us in a dilemma: how to restart economy and at the same time preserve the fragile environmental equilibrium?
The landscape - unique for its beauty and identity - is the place for diffuse culture, including all the issues related to sustainable development: low-impact mobility, urban regeneration, renewable energy, integrated water cycle, reduction of soil consumption, valorization of cultural and environmental heritage. The application of Sustainability to the territory finds in the City the most proper place for the concentration of innovations, with the aim of creating recognizable identities for urban spaces and of enhancing the citizens quality of life.
Today is the right time to define a new social-economic-territorial scenario for facing, in a multidisciplinary way, the environmental problems, a scenario in which to activate a virtuous process towards a productive landscape.

Rethinking the logics of urban and territorial development in the direction of sustainable models oriented to a new spatial quality, gives the chance to redefine the relations between infrastructures, urban hubs, agricultural and natural spaces.
In this scenario the Torino-Milano-Venezia axis represents the perfect workshop for experimenting innovative actions.
This is a wide area that, with the realization of “Corridoio V”, will undertake a strategic role in the European scenery.

Venice and its Waterfront are an extraordinary testing field of application, related to the requalification and redevelopment of Porto Marghera productive areas, a process under way since some years which already led to the presence of the Vega office district.
This location has a great strategic potential thanks to an articulated accessibility system and to the proximity of main territorial infrastructures: 5 minutes far from Venice Port, 15 minutes away from Marco Polo airport, approximately 3 km away from the historic center of Venice, 5 minute away from the mainland city, adjacent to the Vega office district and the industrial area of Porto Marghera.
Moreover, the presence of important environmental amenities like San Giuliano Park and the lagoon ecosystem, which is one of the most important in Europe and in the whole Mediterranean area, is also noticeable.